Traction Arms Updates

Traction Arms Updates

A hello and thank you for the support of Traction Arms. We wanted to provide some updates with what we are working on and what you can expect from our website.

Shooting Targets

As we started to design and build some training programs that people can do at home or on their own ranges, we wanted to provide simple target packs that included steel stands that can be setup anywhere you are allowed to shoot. Initially, we looked to resell some vendors in custom bundles that fit our programs but in doing so, we noticed that a lot of vendors provide steel that looked like it was cut poorly and didn’t quite fit the needs we wanted to give our customers. That being said, we have worked to design our own targets from various AR400 and AR500 steel and sourcing it locally to keep the costs low. We are currently testing various designs and hope to have some more updates in the next few weeks along with some range day videos of the latest products in action.

Apparel and Merchandise

We appreciate the interest in our products. We design things on our own wanted to make gear that was affordable unlike the $35 t-shirts we were seeing all over the internet. We leveraged a third party to handle our production on demand and were able to deliver products that met our price line however, we are seeing shipping costs getting higher than we would like. Currently, we are looking at using different vendors to help reduce the costs. One of the first changes will be our stickers and no-clothing items. Our stickers and other smaller items and should see some updates on our store and being sent through a new partner to handle the printing while keeping the quality where we expect it. We do buy our own products so the clothing line is being updated as well however, we want to make sure we receive our own runs of clothing and prints to ensure they are where we want them before we convert our web store.

Ammo Bot

We have seen a lot of attention and interest in our Ammo Bot to help people find affordable ammunition. The initial product was to simply post on our website when we found items however, with the feedback and some recent requests the whole product is being revamped beyond a blog post and allow a more interactive approach to being alerted for in stock items. Behind the scenes, we have been working on collecting more data and adding on new vendors that we will track. We also will be allowing a more customizable approach to being alerted so you can only get the alerts you want and not a generic post alert to make sure we don’t flood your inbox with useless information. We should have a separate Ammo Bot update coming in the next week.