Mean Arms Products Now Available!

Mean Arms Products Now Available!

We are pleased to announce that we are now a Mean Arms dealer and are stocking their products locally for pickup and also for online sale!

With restrictive gun laws in states like New York and California, firearm owners are left to make a choice to go featureless on their AR platforms or resort to a fixed magazine setup. For owners who want to go with a fixed magazine to maintain the features that make an AR platform what it is, they are faced with leaving a firearm loaded for fast access at the risk of safety. To solve this, Mean Arms offers a AR-15 loader that allows quick access to load your AR from the ejection port without any modifications to your rifle. Quickly load 10 rounds or easily reload at the range without having to take apart your firearm.

MA Lock AR-15

For people looking to make an existing rifle legal or if you are ordering a rifle online that needs to be made into a fixed magazine, we offer MA Lock for sale and in store as part of the transfer. The MA Lock is a non-destructive method to attach your magazine to your rifle and stay compliant and ensure you can still convert your rifle back some day if you decide to move or sell to someone in a less restrictive state.

MA Lock on AR-15 with 10/30 magazine

Products are stocked online to ship anywhere in the US and also local to save on shipping.

We use Mean products with all our personal firearms and recommend them to all our friends and families. We are excited to offer them directly to our customers as well!

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