IN STOCK: Kel-Tec Sub2000 Gen2 9mm

IN STOCK: Kel-Tec Sub2000 Gen2 9mm

If you are in the firearms world, you probably have heard of Kel-Tec, a brand that has been known for exotic designs and catches the eye of a lot of people with their affordable prices. Ever since the Sub2000 has came out, the idea of a 16″ carbine that could shoot 9mm (or .40) and reuse available Glock magazines was high on the list of firearms to obtain. While on the outside, it may look like a normal carbine however, the neat little trick is that the rifle folds in half and making it easy to travel and store in places when space and time can be limited.

Why would anyone want a Sub2000?

The Kel-Tec Sub2000 is a full size pistol carbine that folds in half that easily fits into a backpack or can be stored in a vehicle for quick deployment. It is made specifically as a utility rifle that can be carried daily or situational carry such as hiking. When folded, it about the size of the laptop this review is being written on right now and weights about 4 lbs.

Easily fold the rifle down and carry it with you

The rifle can go from folded up to ready to fire in less than 10 seconds. When expanded, the peep sight lifts and the front sight is fixed. Out of the box, the sights do the job but a small upgrade to a red dot makes it much easier to maneuver and not have to keep your cheek down on a polymer stock as much.

You will need to slap down the charging handle with your right hand, similar to firing a MP5. Once you get used to the configuration and how it works, the rifle is very maneuverable at it’s light weight. When fully extended, the longer barrel translates into more power and accuracy and picks up where the handgun leaves off and allows you to get more from your ammo without any changes or modifications. For times like now when ammunition is in shortage and at a high price tag, you can easily use the ammo you own for your pistol in this rifle.

The Glock configuration supports G17 and G22 magazines with no modifications to the magazines that come with your pistol.

The rifle is made with polymer which keeps is extremely light. When it is unloaded, the rifle comes in at a touch over 4 lbs. Some people complain that Kel-Tec products are too polymer heavy however, if you are looking for a light and efficient rifle, it hits the mark where it is needed. The standard rail is M-LOC so you can add your own accessories. Using a straight blowback system, the rifle is easy to clean. It can be easily field stripped for cleaning.

Final Thoughts

For what it is, the Sub2000 is a great firearm and a blast to shoot for exactly what it is supposed to be: an easily concealable, packable, full-length pistol-caliber rifle that doesn’t have the hefty price tag of an AR platform rifle. For handgun owners, the usability of your larger magazines make this much easier to maintain and reuse what you have.

Overall, I love these rifles and they make one hell of a survival rifle and also something fun to shoot indoors and out. Does it rank to an AR build? No but if you aren’t looking to spend $1000+, you can pick up one of these and have some fun.

CALIBER9x19mm or .40S&W
MAGAZINE CAPACITYVaries by magazine
TWIST RATE1:10” or 1:16”
Kel-Tec Sub2000 Gen 2 Specs

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