FFL Transfers

Traction Arms is a Buffalo, NY based FFL that can take care of your online firearm transfers for stripped lower receivers, rifles, pistols, and shotguns. In order for us to properly accept the transfer, please complete the form below. Once we confirm the request with you, we will work with the vendor to make sure they have the required paperwork to send us your item.

Please note: We use an electronic method of completing your 4473 which will require you to use a tablet to enter your information and sign. If you are unable to operate an electronic device and prefer paper, please let us know in advance.

Long Guns$30 per firearm / $10 additional firearm
Pistols$40 per firearm / $10 additional firearm
Ammunition$10 per shipment
Additional Background Check$10 per check
Pricing table subject to change. Final costs will be calculated after contacting us for transfer.
Must match the billing/order name
Who will be shipping this item to us
This is required if we need to submit our FFL to release your item
We will need this to reference your order

FFL Pricing

Transfer Policies

  • Traction Arms reserves the right to deny any transfer.
  • We only accept transfers from other FFL dealers. We currently do not perform person to person transfers.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older for long guns and ammunition and 21 years or older for receivers.
  • All receivers must be stripped lowers.
  • Our license is on file with many third party services to make shipping easier and will offer to ship immediately however, you must contact us before shipping any item.
  • Fees include one background check. In the event you need another, you will be charged $10 per check.
  • We only transfer to US citizens with a valid NY State ID.
  • Unless you are a police or peace officer, you will be charged to convert fire arms to comfort with the NY S.A.F.E Act.
  • Any firearms not compliant with the S.A.F.E. Act will be returned to the seller at the cost to you.
  • Any magazines larger than 10 rounds will be surrendered to Traction Arms
  • You must pick up your firearm within 30 days of your background check. After that period, we will need to run a new 4473 and you will be charged for each background check.