AmmoLoot has been launched! (The new Ammo Bot)

AmmoLoot has been launched! (The new Ammo Bot)

One of the biggest things we have wanted to do was allow our buyers and also followers a way to stay supplied during ammo shortages. When you don’t have ammo, you can’t train and practice as you would so to solve this, an automated alerting system was a project we wanted to make sure we had to our customers and the public. We started originally posting blog posts, having a separate email list, and wasn’t really as streamlined as we would like. We took the idea and moved it to a standalone application called AmmoLoot. We now are tracking and adding new retailers and allowing people to be notified when stock changes. With all the different mediums of people getting updates, we wanted to streamline the process and allow a quick and simple way to track what you are looking for and be notified when it is found so you can buy it.

Ammo Bot Page On Traction Arms

First change is how the Ammo Bot tab functions on our website. We don’t want to manage multiple alerts or flood people with emails from multiple services however we do want to post the content here so the Ammo Bot posts will still be alerts generated by AmmoLoot when there is inventory that has been found. There is no email notification anymore for these however, we do post these to our @AmmoLoot Twitter account so you can also get notified when that account tweets and be alerted that way.

The new layout of the Ammo Bot page on Traction Arms
Twitter post format by Ammo Loot

AmmoLoot Website

The public version of the application is now at From there, the account system is separate so if you would like to configure your alerts, you just need your email and password. We do not send any ads or share it with anyone and every alert is opt-in meaning you must enable it to receive anything. The only non ammo alert based email is website updates option which again, you must enable to receive and we do not send more than one a week for bigger changes and a summary. Browsing to the website will show you all the found in-stock ammo we have located on our monitored vendors. There is some updates going to come to this page to make it more user friendly however, the core of the application is being able to see what is in stock in a single place and get alerts if something changes. home page

If you wish to get alerts, you do need to sign up as mentioned. Once you do so, you simply can enable the calibers we are monitoring for and then the max price you want to see an alert for. For example, if you want to get alerted for 9mm Luger, 5.56 NATO, .223 Remington, and .45 ACP you would check the boxes to enable, make sure the Enable Alerts is checked at the top, and hit Save Settings. If you wish to only see certain prices, you can enter the value and you will only see when the price per round is below your settings. If you wish to get all alerts, you can leave blank or set to $0 and it will send any notifications when inventory is found for that caliber. user settings

When ammo is found, you will get an alert in your inbox. The email will show you the product info such as brand, price of the box, and price per round. The button in the email will take you directly to the seller website we found to buy. If you no longer want to recieve emails or are getting too many, there is a links at the bottom of the email to quickly disable all alerts and will wait until you turn them back on. Very simple.

Some Website Notes

We are adding new retailers and scaling as we grow. We do not auto buy or abuse any website restrictions. Some websites that offer unlisted products may not be found by AmmoLoot due to us not using any hidden user accounts. If you would like to see your retailer added, please contact us on here or on AmmoLoot and we can work to add it. We hope you like it and have more updates coming soon.

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